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  What's a Podping?

  Here's the overview from

   "Podping is an alternative to WebSub for the open, RSS based podcasting ecosystem that allows for rapid, global notification of podcast feed updates. Using the Hive blockchain, Podping allows a wide variety of Podcast Hosting platforms to send out instant notification that a Podcast feed has changed. Podcast subscribing indexes and apps can then re-poll only the RSS feeds which have changed, eliminating periodic polling."


   This podping-stats site displays statistics on the podpings on the hive blockchain.

   Streaming analysis is driven by the Hive_plug_play python app that reads the relevent blockchain into a postgres database. Then a R - Shiny app serves the results at: The source code for this site is published on github

   This site is a passion project and exists for the sole purpose of educating and edifying the developers. We provide no guarentees of accuracy of analysis, or reliability of services of this site.

podping logo Podping on logo blockchain in support of Podcasting 2.0 with

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